We Understand the Lubrication of Heritage Engines

Heritage motor oil is a delicate business, and Hallett understands it perfectly. When it comes to the running of classic and heritage railway vehicles, cars, boats, stationary engines, and motorcycles, the specification of your engine oil matters – and we’re in the business of getting it right.

Heritage Engine Oils

That’s why the Hallett heritage motor oil range is developed to a peerless standard of quality. Our oils handle heat and strain with ease. They’re suitable for use in a variety of vintage and classic engines, transmissions, and gearboxes, and keep abrasive detergents and dispersants to a minimum. They’re simply the best you’ll find – because our passion for heritage is just as whole-hearted as yours is.

Hallett heritage engine oils are suitable for use in four- and two-stroke petrol and diesel engines, including naturally aspirated engines. The range includes oils designed for railways, on- and off-road cars and motorcycles, and marine applications. They’re available in monograde, multigrade, straight mineral, and classic formulations – so you can always be sure you’re getting oil at the correct consistency for your engine, transmission, or gearbox.

oils for vintage motorcycles  heritage-boat1-625px  Oils for vintage cars
Heritage Engine Oils

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