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When he founded Hallett Oils, industry-renowned chemist and entrepreneur Richard Hallett saw that something was missing in the market. Taking his notepad with him, he went among owners, operators, and enthusiast communities, asking them about their experiences with existing lubrication solutions – and enlisting their help to develop an alternative that would fly high where previous products fell short. Hallett’s signature steam oils line is based on the culmination of this knowledge. Every product is perfectly suited to the exacting, specific needs of heritage steam.

Hallett expanded manufacturing dramatically in 2011, lending its proprietary products a new level of reach and enabling it to expand its infrastructure to reach a much wider customer base. Now, Hallett is the biggest, best, and brightest supplier for all things steam across the UK – and has even delivered products as far afield as Australia and New Zealand.

Weka Pass Railway in New Zealand.

This boost in popularity wasn’t just the result of expanding manufacturing. Over the past twenty years, Hallett has worked hard to build a deserved reputation for being the last word in steam lubrication. We settle for nothing less than stellar quality when it comes to steam oil – and we know that the owners and operators of locomotives, stationary engines, steamboats and traction engines, whether their equipment is heritage steam, a personal passion project, or in main line operation, are just the same.

That’s why, in addition to prioritising the quality of our products, we guarantee you extensive advice and guidance through our free lubrication trouble-shooting service. The wrong oil for the wrong machine can cause troublesome, unnecessary damage and wear, and too often, steam oil manufacturers shoot from the hip when providing guidance to customers. Hallett’s dedicated to using its considerable expertise to find you the right fit for the job – one that will not only prevent harm, but keep your equipment running more smoothly and neatly than ever.

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